GIA: Ideal Stones Not Most Brilliant

Carlbad, Calif.-----New research shows that there are other cuts with more brilliance than ideal cut diamonds, Gemological Institute of America President William E. Boyajian told NATIONAL JEWELER.

"No question about it: An ideal cut stone is a beautiful diamond." Boyajian said, "But it's a matter of taste. There are thousands of variations that can lead to an equally beautiful diamond."

For that reason, he also took issue with the label ideal.

"It's a good marketing term, but you won't hear me use it," he said. "It gives the impression that everything else is not ideal."

The study's findings on the famed ideal cut ---invented by mathematician Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919 ---are part of a major GIA project researching diamond cut, that will be published in a Gems and Gemology article next year.

George Kaplan, vice chairman of Lazare Kaplan, a New York ideak cutter, siad "there has never been any disagreement" that other stones are more brilliant than ideals.

"We believe it is the most pleasing combination of brilliance and fire," he said. "What it does is give the ideal combination between the two."

Peter Yantzer, director of the American Gem Society's lab, which gives ideal cuts its highest cut grade of "zero," said that "If it were scientifically proven that there are other cuts that are up to the ideal, we would certainly have our standards committee look into that."


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